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АкакаоMusic: Pop

Akakao is a private club, located in the building of the Royal stables. The place is quite interesting due to its unusual interior. At the middle of the night all the people are dancing and tuning in to the rhythm. It seems like a private party. Music will amaze you by its international and universal tune. 

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Бар 812Music: House

Bar 812 is a private place. At this bar you can chat with your friends enjoying classic cocktail or ask a barman to prepare famous cocktail with raspberry .

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Бар Hemingway

Music: Euro Dance

"Bar Hemingway" has large-area, where you can relax in a crowded bar, or in a banquet hall, or in a cozy corner.
In the daytime you can try delicate dishes. Especially for you "Bar Hemingway" presented a various menu of dishes and drinks. The Chef Dmitry Tarasenko offers exquisite cuisine. Make yourself comfortable on the leather sofas with a glass of brandy or a glass of wine you will find out people new friendships.

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Central Station

Music: House

Central Station is the most popular gay club of the city, located in the heart of St. Petersburg. It has original concept. From Friday to Sunday there is a travesty-show, which has become a tradition.
It is a multilevel club. The first floor is decorated in Baroque style. It creates a special atmosphere, thanks to large mirrors in gilt frames, chandeliers, antique furniture.

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Заводные яйца

Music: Life music

Clockwork eggs is an art cafe with its particular "groovy" atmosphere. The interior is in high-tech style, everywhere drawings and formulas are hung on the walls. When you get into this place, it seems like you are in the laboratory of mad scientist.

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Deep Dishes

Music: House

Deep Dishes Casual café – it is a pleasant place, which will surprise you with its cuisine. The main difference from other places this kind is branded deep dish. Bright, ripe style approaches for meetings with friends and business negotiations. The banquets and corporate events are taking place at this café.

In summer café opens the terrace, where you can enjoy a great view at Nevsky Prospekt.

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