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Music: Rock

Bar Fidel is a place for young people who respect freedom of mind. The design is very unusual, for example, there is a wall, where the artist depicted fifty words begins from the letter F. Among them: "Fufaika" (sweatshirt), "Francia" (France), “Figovo Fo Rtu” (stuff in mouth). Other sketches will inspire you to drink more.This place is for crowded dances because of it tiny square. 

  By he way beer bust take place here because of its low price. Independence fro glamour, freedom from prejudice makes the most friendly atmosphere in the city. That’s why this club is so popular among foreign people.
informal club language: English.

Work hours: mo-su 20.00-6.00

Address: Dymskaya street 9, M. Gostinyy Dvor



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