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Заводные яйца

Music: Life music

Clockwork eggs is an art cafe with its particular "groovy" atmosphere. The interior is in high-tech style, everywhere drawings and formulas are hung on the walls. When you get into this place, it seems like you are in the laboratory of mad scientist.

Заводные яйца There are two halls - the main for 40 people and a VIP hall for 8 people. There is a wide range of dishes. And pianist Alexander Prudnikov is responsible for creating good mood.

You can watch football matches at huge PDP. In the evening live music tunes different streams. A great place to have a binge with friends, or romantic date, or business meeting at daytime. 

If you are creative and have a good sense of humor this place is for you.

Work hours: mo-su 11.00-01.00

Address: Furshtatskaya street 48, M. Chernyshevskaya



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