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Music: EuroDance

LenConcert is ex-restaurant "Leningrad". This bar is one of XXXX bars group. Here you can find the first St. Petersburg Museum of rock glory with personal things of Russian and world-known rock stars. The interior combine elegance and functionality. Huge mirrors, colour carpets, white columns which were made specially for this project. There is famous bar deck "XXXX" where wild dances and striptease take place every night as in each bar of this group. 


There are a scene where stars perform and a Vip zone which is located at the balcony.On the second floor there is a restaurant. You will appreciate the menu because of its good European and Russian cuisine. This place stand out for opportunity to have dinner. The chef took care of special menu for the guest of this restaurant. It is a good place to have a dinner and continue having rest at the party.
The first XXXX bar was a place for people who loved extreme sports as owners did. But later it became popular among different people and nowadays it attracts people with such values as liberty, free relationships, the absence 0f stereotypes and love of good music and booze.Legendary parties XXX bar occurs here at weekends. Music: 60, 70, 80,90, pop.

Work hours: mo-th 12.00-01.00, fr 12.00-05.00, sa 15.00-05.00 su 15.00-01.00

Address: Kamennoostrovskiy Prospect 11A,  M. Petrogradskaya



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