Tuesday, January 18, 2022

METROMusic: RnB, Russian Pop, Disco House

It’s the largest club of St. Petersburg, which has 3 floors. Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of music and dance, dating and flirting. The club is friendly for everyone. The most popular, he enjoys the students. Common visitors here are foreigners.

It is designed in the style of Fabric. To create an interior is used the supports of railway bridge in full size. For a long stay at the club there is a feeling that you are on a huge spaceship.

On the first floor you can enjoy hits of Russian dance music, on the second floor you will find yourself in the company most committed to the style of RnB and Disco House. The third floor is waiting for fans ofMETRO Euro Dance. At each level has its own bar.

Work hours:  mo-su 22.00-06.00 

Address: Ligovskiy Prospekt 174, M. Ligovskiy Prospekt




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