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Дайкири бар

Music: Pop

Daiquiri Bar is a good place where you will stay in a comfortable atmosphere for a tasty cocktail. The atmosphere is very cozy: two small rooms with comfortable sofas and collages on the walls.Cocktail menu is various. Anyway if you want to order a meal you have to find another place because there are only snacks in the menu: tartlets and canapés. 

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Диккенс Паб

Music: Euro Pop

Dickens pub seems like England itself. Conservative interior, round oak tables, pictures of 30-s on the walls, geographic maps, press in English, comfortable sofas, tints of gold and magenta. In menu you will find out the porridge for sure and the wide range of beer: from cherry beer to 24 hour fresh beer just arrived from other countries. You can have a good meal as well.

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Клуб Этаж

Bars in St. Petersburg   Music: house, r’n’b, techno, jazz,retro

Etage can accommodate up to 1500 guests, It has two dance floors, a restaurant and three bars. Residents of this club are Dj Magnit (Radio Record), dj duet Rich Bitch Production, Dj Natasha Baccardi, Armani SPB, Fresh, Pill One, Abb. Many various dance shows take place in this club.

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Music: Rock

Bar Fidel is a place for young people who respect freedom of mind. The design is very unusual, for example, there is a wall, where the artist depicted fifty words begins from the letter F. Among them: "Fufaika" (sweatshirt), "Francia" (France), “Figovo Fo Rtu” (stuff in mouth). Other sketches will inspire you to drink more.This place is for crowded dances because of it tiny square. 

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Golden Dolls

Music: Pleasant music for your relaxation

Golden Dolls is the first high level erotic club in St. Petersburg. This place is considered to be an elite place for pleasure and can provide you many services. It was attended by many world-famous stars such as Ricky Martin, Brian Adams, Harrison Ford, Mylene Farmer etc.

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Music: House, Electro, Dram’n’Bass

Griboyedov is unusual club because it is located underground. There are different areas, which include not only dance and concert halls, but also bar with comfortable seatings.
  Here you can dance, sip a cocktail, also to play game machines, such as a sea battle, compete in darts. Next to the wardrobe is a kiosk, where you can buy branded stuff of the club and rare CDs.

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