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The main summer residence of the imperial family was located in Tsarskoye Selo. Under Elizabeth reign The Catherin Palace was erected, where you can visit the Amber room.  Under the supervision of Catherine the Great the Alexander Palace was built, while Alexander I opened Tsarskoselsky Imperial Lyceum, where Alexander Pushkin studied. In 1937 Tsarskoye Selo was renamed Pushkin in connection with the anniversary of the poet’s death. In 2010 Tsarskoye Selo celebrates its 300 anniversary.

Pushkin is one of the most beautiful suburbs of St.Petersburg lockated 24 km south of city. Untill 1918 the main summer residence of the imperial family was called the Tsar’s village(Tsarskoye Selo), then it was renamed Children’s village, and since 1937 it bears the name of great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

The Catherine Palace is the main building of the former imperial summer residence. It was named in honor of Catherine I, the wife of Peter the Great. In 1710 Peter presented this land to her and later she erected a small palace for hunting.pushkin

During the reign of Empress Elizabeth Tsarskoye Selo became front imperial residence. TheconstructionoftheCatherinePalacestarted.  The best architects of that time Zemtsov, Trezini, Rastrelli were erecting a magnificent palace in the Russian baroque style, with rich decoration of facades and interiors.

Catherine the Great preferred Tsarskoye Selo to all other imperial residences. She commissioned the construction of the Alexandrovsky Palace and the number of annexes to the Great Palace - Agathic rooms, Cameron's gallery, Grand dukes building. The parks of the Tsarskoye Selo were enlarged and adorned with many new buildings and monuments honoring the friends of the Empress.

In 1810 famous Imperial Lyceum was opened where small Alexander Pushkin studied. Later, in the garden adjacent to the Lyceum the monument of great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was placed.  

amber_roomDuring World War II the palace suffered great damages, but first of all the Second World War is associated with the mysterious disappearance of the Amber Room. During the occupation this priceless work of art was dismantled and taken out to Germany. In 1979 it was decided to reconstruct the Amber Room. It took about a quarter of a century to create new amber panels that would precisely depict the lost ones. The official ceremony of opening of the restored Amber room was in 2003  in honor of 300th anniversary of Saint Petersburg.

In 2010 Tsarskoye Selo celebrates its 300 anniversary.



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