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 Pavlovsk is located close to Tsarskoe Selo. It was built as a summer residence of Emperor Paul I and his family. After Paul’s death Palace and nearby land was moved to his wife Maria Feodrovna, who was very fond of this residence. The landscape park of Pavlovsk is one of the largest in Europe.

Originally the area of Pavlovsk was used for royal hunting. In 1777 Catherine the Great gifted a small land, 6 km from Tsarskoye Selo, to her son Paul and his wife Maria Fyodorovna on the occasion of the birth of their first son, the future Emperor Alexander I. The new estate was named Pavlovskoye Village. There were built two small wooden palaces – one in honor of Paul, another in honor of Maria.  

In 1782 the favorite architect of Catherine the Great, Charles Cameron, was invited to create the ensemble of new Grand Palace. He designed the Dance hall, White dining room, Billiard room, Egyptian lobby in the central building of the palace.  In 1786 Brenna replaced Cameron as chief architect. Under his supervision state rooms of the second floor of the Central building were finished. Along with the construction of the palace work on the creation of garden and park on the bank of a small river Slavyanka began.

In 1872 the copy of monument of Paul I was placed in front of the palace (original of the statue of Paul I is in Gatchina). In 1788 Paul I who preferred Gatchina as a royal residence gifted Pavlovskoye to his wife Maria Fyodorovna. Soon Pavlovskoye Village was renamed to the town of Pavlovsk. After the tragic death of Paul I Pavlovsk was given over to Maria Fyodorovna. pavlovsk_palace

Soon after the Revolution of 1918 the palace and the park of Pavlovsk were declared a museum complex. In the same year the town changed its name - it was called Slutzk in honor of the deceased revolutionist Vera Slutzkaya. In January 1944 after the liberation from the Natzist the town was returned its historic name.

During the World War II many exhibits of the Pavlovsk Palace was stolen and Palace was set on fire. Despite that, park of Pavlovsk and palace suffered in war much less than other residences of Russian emperors. By the 1957 part of the halls of the palace was restored and opened to the public. In 1978 therestorationswerecompleted.    



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