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Strelna is one of the oldest suburbs of St. Petersburg. For celebrations of the 300th anniversary of Saint Petersburg the ensemble of Strelna (Konstantinovsky) palace was totally restored and appeared before the public in all its glory. Nowadays Konstantinovsky palace is the official residence of president of Russia.

Strelna is situated 19 km from St. Petersburg on the south shore of the Finnish Gulf.  During the Swedish rule mansion of the so-called Strelina Myza was there. It was used as the royal resting palace where tsar stays on the way from St. Petersburg to the fortress Kronstadt and Oranienbaum.

Inspired by the magnificent surroundings of Strelna , Peter the Great conceived the creation of fine palace. Heplannedittobethemainnavalresidence. The construction of the palace was commissioned to Leblon, continued by Miketti and finished by a group of Russian architects headed by M. Zemtsov.  strelna_view

After Peter’s death Strelna was neglected and gradually went into a decline. The revival of the Stralna happened at the beginning of the 19th century when the Emperor Paul I presented it to his son, Grand Prince Konstantin. For the reconstruction of the Great Palace Konstantin invited eminent architects Voronikhin and Ruska. Then the construction of the Strelninsky palace that lasted for almost 85 years was complete.

In 1847 Strelna became a summer residence of another Grand Prince Konstantin, the son of Nicholas I, and since then the palace and the park were officially called Konstantinovsky.

vineDuring the World War II the palace and park ensemble of Strelna was virtually destroyed. For years the palace and park were in ruins. But for 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, celebrated in 2003, marine residence of Russian president was created in Strelna. Palace of Congress, revived Constantine Palace, became the central building of residence.

The western part of the Constantine Palace is presidential and open only for guided tours. The eastern part of the palace is a department of the State Hermitage Museum and disposes temporary exhibitions which are open for public. Visitors also have an opportunity to see ceremonial rooms of the palace and visit recreations of wine cellars with tasting room.




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