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Петропавловская крепостьThe fortress is the heart of Saint-Petersburg. The history of the city started from this place.  During the excursion to the Peter and Pail fortress you will visit Peter and Paul Cathedral, observation point with the view to the Neva River and the city.

The fortress was established by Peter the Great in 1703 on a small island in the Neva delta and that day became the birthday of St.Petersburg. The fortress was built to protect nearest area from Swedish army. At first the citadel was in earth and timber, and it was rebuilt in stone during 18 century.

From 1720 onwards the fortress housed part of the city’s garrison and was organized as prison for political prisoners. Among the prisoners there were famous people Dostoyevsky, Gorky, Trotsky. Parts of the former jail are now open to the public. 

Angel at the top of  Peter and Paul CathedralPeter and Paul Fortress in the nightThe dominating structure of the fortress is the Peter and Paul Cathedral. It was built by Domenico Trezzini in 1713 – 1733. On top of the cathedrals’ gilded spire stands a magnificent golden angel holding a cross. It is one of the well-known symbols of St.Petersburg. The Cathedral is the burial place of all the Russian Emperors and Empresses from Peter the Great to Alexander III. In 1998 family of Nicolas II also was buried here.

Other buildings in the fortress include the City History Museum and the Mint, one of only two places in Russia where coins and medals are minted nowadays. In recent years many cultural and sport event are holding on the beach of the fortress.

By the way there is a tradition in the Peter and Paul fortress – each day at midday from one of the bastions signal canon make a shot. Sometimes famous people are allowed to make this shot.   




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