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Александро – Невская лавраExcursion to Alexander Nevsky Lavra includes visit to The Holy Trinity Cathedral, Nikolskaya Church, Necropolis, you will see tombs of famous Russians.  At the Lavra you can buy bread baked by the monks.

Alexander Nevsky Lavra is the functioning monastery of St.Petersburg eparhy. The project of Lavra was created by Tresini who designed monastery as a complex of residences, institutions and palace installations. The construction works lasted for almost a century and was finished by 1790.

 The compositional center of Lavra is the Holy Trinity Cathedral, constructed by architect Starov. The monumental cathedral is crowned with a high dome and harmonizes well with the surrounding monastery buildings. Among the icons of the cathedral the one most honored is the icon of Saint Serafim Sarovsky. In 1724 the remains of Saint Alexander Nevsky who had been canonized by the Orthodox Church as the Holy Patron of Russia were transferred to the monastery. At the beginning of the 20th century there were about 12 churches on the territory of the Lavra. Nowadays there are only two of them that are open.

Alexander Nevsky LavraFrom the very beginning the Alexander Nevsky Lavra got the status of the Alexander Nevsky Lavramost prestigious burial place in Imperial Russia. The members of royal family, priests, outstanding governors and commanders were buried there. Among them Commander Suvorov, architects Quarenghi, Ross, composers Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, writer Fyodor Dostoevsky and others.  Each burial place has personal sculptural composition.

In 1936-1937 on the territory of the monastery the museum was created. It was called Leningrad Necropolis and in 1939 was transformed into the Museum of Urban Sculpture. Now Museum includes objects which are became symbols of St.Petersburg already:  Rostral Columns, Alexander Column, Peter the Great monument, Catherine the Great monument, Nicolas I monument and others. 




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