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The main summer residence of the imperial family was located in Tsarskoye Selo. Under Elizabeth reign The Catherin Palace was erected, where you can visit the Amber room.  Under the supervision of Catherine the Great the Alexander Palace was built, while Alexander I opened Tsarskoselsky Imperial Lyceum, where Alexander Pushkin studied. In 1937 Tsarskoye Selo was renamed Pushkin in connection with the anniversary of the poet’s death. In 2010 Tsarskoye Selo celebrates its 300 anniversary.

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 Pavlovsk is located close to Tsarskoe Selo. It was built as a summer residence of Emperor Paul I and his family. After Paul’s death Palace and nearby land was moved to his wife Maria Feodrovna, who was very fond of this residence. The landscape park of Pavlovsk is one of the largest in Europe.

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 Petergof is situated on the southern shore of the Finnish Gulf, 30 km away from St. Petersburg. It became a magnificent royal residence and a monument of successful completion of Russia over the Baltic Sea as it was conceived by Peter the Great. Petergof is known worldwide for its park ensembles and amazing fountains. Today Petergof has more than 150 fountains, 4 cascades, 10 museums are open for public.

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Strelna is one of the oldest suburbs of St. Petersburg. For celebrations of the 300th anniversary of Saint Petersburg the ensemble of Strelna (Konstantinovsky) palace was totally restored and appeared before the public in all its glory. Nowadays Konstantinovsky palace is the official residence of president of Russia.

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In 18th century this territory was belonged to duke Alexander Menshikov and nemed Oranienbaum (means orange tree in German). Menshikov built here own Grand Palace which has been preserved to our days. Later Peter III and Catherin the Great were living here. EmpressturnOranienbaumintosummerresidence. In 1948 town was renamed Lomonosov in honor of the great Russian scientist, educator and poet – Mikhail Lomonosov.

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Gatchina is famous for its unique palace and park ensemble with landscape architecture. In 1796 when Paul became emperor Gatchina received town status and own coat of arms. By that time the palace turn into main residence of sovereign and placed an army camp. The feature of Gatchina palace is secret mysterious underpass which you can visit while excursion.

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Обзорная экскурсия по Санкт-ПетербургуFor the first meeting with the city we would like to offer you City tour in the comfortable bus or mini-van. For 3 hours you will see the main historical places of the city: Nevsky Prospect, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Bronze Horseman, Admiralty, Palace Square, Spit of Vasilyevskiy Island. On the way you will visit Peter and Paul fortress and pass by legendary Cruiser Aurora. The tour will end at Church of the Saviour on the spilled blood near Field of Mars.

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Saint-Petersburg is famous for its religious architecture. There are more than 200 churches and cathedrals in the city. Each has historical background and recommended to visit. During this excursion you will visit tree main cathedrals of St.Petersburg and learn about its history. 

St.Isaac’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral and Savior-on-the-Blood are tree of biggest cathedrals in Saint-Petersburg. They are functioning and open for public.


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Петропавловская крепостьThe fortress is the heart of Saint-Petersburg. The history of the city started from this place.  During the excursion to the Peter and Pail fortress you will visit Peter and Paul Cathedral, observation point with the view to the Neva River and the city.

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ЭрмитажExcursion to The State Hermitage museum starts from Palace square and leads to staterooms of Winter Palace. You will admire the richest collection of ancient and early medieval items, works of art from Ancient Greece and Rome, fabulous treasures of oriental culture and wonderful European art.

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Русский музейWhile visit to the Russian Museum you will see collection of Old Russian icons, paintings and sculptures of famous Russian artists of 18th – 19 th centuries, avant-garde masterpieces of 20 th century.   

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Александро – Невская лавраExcursion to Alexander Nevsky Lavra includes visit to The Holy Trinity Cathedral, Nikolskaya Church, Necropolis, you will see tombs of famous Russians.  At the Lavra you can buy bread baked by the monks.

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Saint  Petersburg is a very romantic city especially at White Nights season. While this period you can observe a wonderful view of opened bridges at night from water. The boat trip starts from Fontanka river and leads to Neva River where the event is taking place. On the way you will see Summer Garden, Cruiser Aurora, Peter and Paul Fortress, Spit of Vasilyevsky Island with Rostral Columns, the Bronze Horseman, St. Isaac Cathedral, Admiralty, The Winter Palace. All buildings are illuminated at night time and Saint Petersburg is looking like some enchanting place. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Also you will watch Dvortsovy and Troitsky bridge opening. The trip ends at Fontanka river.

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This excursion introduces gala Saint Petersburg. As it was planed originally the city had to be the embodiment of splendor and power of Russian Empire. Great efforts were needed to establish the city as it is represented now. Saint Petersburg is amazing with its majestic. The guests will wonder at imperial appearance of the city on the boat trip “Majestic Saint Petersburg” by The Neva River and channels. On the way you will see great architecture of St. Petersburg, The Summer Garden, The Cruiser Aurora, Peter and Paul Fortress, The Bronze Horseman, The Admiralty and The Winter Palace.

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The boat trip goes by rivers and channels through picturesque places of Saint Petersburg. You will see grand architecture of Saint Petersburg and feel the romanticism of cozy twisting channels. There are more than 300 bridges above rivers and channels, some of them open at night time, while others are always closed up.  Each bridge is not similar to another; most of them have its legend (which will be told you during the excursion).

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