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Rent a boat in the city

St-Petersburg is the city of rivers and channels. Rent a boat is a quite nice alternative choice of moving when there are many traffic jams on the roads. It became more popular in last several years among business people. We offer boats for 3-8 persons which are easy to come through all rivers at the center of the city.

For groups we offer motor ships for 30-40 persons. You will enjoy water trip along the city and view St. Petersburg from the other side. Also we can organize a business meeting for you on board so you will combine business and leisure-time in the unique historical surroundings.

Our company provides banquet organization and catering on board.




1 hour of rent more than 5 h.



Boat (4-5 pax)


140 €


Discount 10 %

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Boat (8 pax)


235 €


Discount 10 %

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Motor ship (30 pax)*


275 €


Discount 10 %

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* To keep motor ship on standby – 50% from fee

Navigation time in St. Petersburg is from middle of May till October.   


Rent a yacht

Аренда яхты

St. Petersburg is the Sea capital and many sport events are holding during navigation time. In last 5 years The “Sails of White Night – National Congress Palace Cup” international  match racing regatta became popular summer event in the city. In 2010 regatta was included into the list of the most important sporting events in St. Petersburg. Now this regatta is one of the races on the way of Sweden CUP.

Water area of St. Petersburg is attractive not only for high-level sportsmen but also for yachting lovers. There are about 20 yacht-clubs in the city. Our company offers you to rent a yacht for sailing in Finskiy Gulf and Ladoga Lake to discover the amazing nature of Russia.

NOTICE that you should have insurance!

*Navigation time in St. Petersburg is from middle of May till October.


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Our company is glad to offer you different river and sea trips :

  • Cruises along Neva River (day-time and night-time); in Finskiy Gulf (Peterhof and Kronshtadt); Ladoga Lake (Valaam Island). SEE MORE


  •  River cruises around Russian cities is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural and natural heritage of the country. Routes are going through Neva, Svir, Volga rivers and you will travel to Mandrogi, Valaam Island, Kizhi Island, Uglich, Moscow, Kazan and Samara.                           


  • Water serviceScandinavian cruises lead from St. Petersburg to other European Sea capitals Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo. You can have 2-3 day trip and visit not only Russia but also nearest European countries.

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